The joy of teaching people about make-up

Make-up artist Renate Shikongo has launched make-up seminars aimed at teaching people how to enhance their beauty.

This comes after she earlier this month started collaborating with Avon, she says.

Shikongo says she believes in the brand, and the collaboration will help her to do more to help better the local industry.

She says motivating people and helping them discover a better version of themselves is one of her greatest passions.

“I am always open to teaching people about make-up. I find immense joy in doing so, especially because witnessing their transformation with make-up in public settings is truly priceless.

“Every time I share my knowledge, it resonates with what I believe I am meant to be doing. Teaching make-up feels natural and right for me,” she says.

Apart from being a make-up artist, Shikongo is also a baker, creative director and rehabilitation officer at the Namibian Correctional Service.

Her brand Renate Art and Beauty offers a wide range of services, including corporate, special effects, creative, artistic, and everyday make-up, as well as body art for films and campaigns, she says.

Founded in 2013, the business’ aim is to enhance existing beauty through make-up, while also exploring artistic expressions like body art, Shikongo says.

“Growing up with a mother who was deeply invested in make-up nurtured my interest in the art form. In primary and high school I continued to explore make-up.

“I got my first make-up kit from my father. I started doing make-up for others, and by the time I reached university, it has become a significant source of income for me.

“I gained recognition in the industry, especially for my special effects, and that’s when I became serious about my craft,” she says.

Shikongo says her goal for 2024 is to boost people’s confidence through make-up seminars.

“I want to emphasise that make-up is a tool for self-expression, not just for pleasing others. It’s essential to do it for yourself rather than seeking external validation.”

She says seminar attendees can expect goodie bags and valuable lessons – all at an affordable price.

“These seminars are inclusive and open to everyone, regardless of age, gender, or experience level,” Shikongo says.

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