The importance of tyre pressure

Tyre pressure remains one of the most important things to check when at a service station or even before taking on the long road.

Though many modern cars come standard with the Tyre Monitor Pressure System (TPMS) that assists drivers with the most important information about the condition of the car’s tyres, such as pressure and temperature, there are aftermarket systems that come in a do-it-yourself (DIY) kit.

Top Revs recently spoke to Christoffel Moolman from Accessory Fitment Centre (AFC) in Windhoek to find out more about the importance of having either a factory-fitted or a DIY kit on your vehicle.

The TPMS works wirelessly, sending information about pressure and temperature to a monitor inside the cabin. Many of these kits have a warning setting that can be preset to sound an alarm when the tyre reaches a certain pressure that has been indicated as risky by the vehicle manufacturer.

The set consists of a monitor and the four sensors that must be fitted into the respective tyres.

“Basically, it works wirelessly, it communicates to the monitor inside the car showing all the relevant information needed,” says Moolman.

The specifications differ from one brand to the other, the TPMS can be set to warn the driver if the tyre pressure is too low. The same settings can be done to send a warning to the cabin monitor when the temperature is too high.

In both cases, either running to flat or at too high temperatures can lead to a blow-out or in many cases an accident.

Tyre pressure can also play a big role on the longevity of your tyres, hence regular checks and maintenance are important.

With the festive season at hand, motorists must make sure to check the conditions of their tyres at all times. If not sure about the pressure, consult the owner’s manual or visit your nearest tyre dealer.

Vehicle owners are also encouraged to adapt their tyre pressure to road conditions, since the tyre pressure for gravel travel differs from that of tarred roads. Apart from tyre safety, always ensure that the jack, including the tools to change a tyre, are also in the vehicle before taking on any trip.

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