‘The Goal’ premieres as a triumph of dreams and diversity

Cast and crew of ‘The Goal’ at the premiere on Sunday. Photo: Contributed

The coming-of-age soccer film ‘The Goal’ made its debut on Kyknet & Kie via DStv and GOtv on Sunday, leaving audiences buzzing with excitement.

Directed by Lavinia Kapewasha, written by Jenny Kandenge, and with an engaging story by Mpingana Dax, this film is an exploration of determination, dreams and the challenges faced by a talented teen soccer player.

‘The Goal’ looks at breaking boundaries, family bonds and the treacherous path of teenage years and dream-chasing.

Set in Windhoek, ‘The Goal’ revolves around the life of Esmeralda, a gifted 17-year-old soccer player from a challenging background. Her burning ambition? To secure a spot on an international football team. Despite the fame of her footballer father, her journey is plagued by the turmoil at home due to her alcoholic mother.

Following a fallout, Esmeralda finds sanctuary with her father’s family and embarks on a new chapter at St John’s School. In her quest to fit in, she makes daring choices that come with consequences that threaten her dreams.

A pivotal moment forces Esmeralda to confront the ultimate choice between her aspirations and a life of recklessness.

“We’re thrilled to bring ‘The Goal’ to a wider audience through Showmax. This film is not just about soccer; it’s about the universal themes of determination and self-discovery that will resonate with viewers of all backgrounds,” Kapewasha said.

A distinctive feature of the film is its linguistic diversity, with characters conversing in a captivating blend of Khoekhoegowab, Afrikaans, English and Namlish, showcasing the rich linguistic tapestry of Namibia.

The ensemble cast features emerging talents from the Namibian acting community, including Otja Kooper, Ngunde Maziengo, and the notable Adriano Paulus of ‘Ompata Web Series’ fame in his first full-length film role. Accomplished actors Mikiros Garoes, Hazel Hind-a, and Mervin (Cheez) Uahupirapi portray the parents in the film, adding depth to the intense family scenes. ‘The Goal’ is part of the 13 films funded by Multichoice and NBC’s Mukhorob Project.

Following its premiere, ‘The Goal’ is now available on-demand on the popular streaming service, Showmax, bringing the story to an even wider audience. – unWrap.online

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