The four-wheeler with endless applications

Imagine an electric all-terrain vehicle (ATV) in a two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive form with endless utilities to adapt to your needs.

Powerland’s Tachyon ATV may be just that due to its revolutionary attachments, features and functions.

Unlike the petrol-operated four-wheelers (quad bikes) this vehicle’s engine makes no noise, which makes it ideal to operate in areas where noise should be limited.

Uys Prinsloo imports the vehicles and distributes them, not only in Namibia, but across the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region.

He says it is important to remember the Tachyon ATV is a commercial vehicle.

The vehicle’s additional features include rotary drive shift (almost like a gear knob one would find in automatic cars) complete with reverse, neutral and drive indicators, as well as a 12V power socket, 5V USB socket, and 4×4 and 4×2 indicators.

The direct-drive hub motors enable the vehicle to achieve up to 50 horsepower at peak power, and 800Nm torque at the wheels, not only making this vehicle exceptionally fast at driving off, but delivering enough power to handle almost any terrain – ranging from the thick, loose Namib sand to snow or even mud.

Unlike conventional quads, this vehicle emits no engine noise, therefore the Tachyon is ideal for security patrol vehicles or anti-poaching units to move stealthily.

Its maintenance cost is low since it has no engine or gearbox requiring regular services.

Their regenerative braking technology not only helps to extend your battery charge, but also acts as a hill decent control tool, providing you with better control while driving.

Owners can also download a vehicle diagnostic application on their smartphone to monitor the vehicle’s status.

They can buy various attachments to extend the application for a wide variety of tasks, ranging from being an industrial lawnmower, snow plow, or even a forklift.

With the accessories removed and safely stored away, the Tachyon can be used as a quad again.

The specs on this vehicle is impressive, since it can peak up to 50 horsepower per wheel, fitted with a 11kWh battery, 800 Nm torque at the wheels, up to 110 km range on a full charge, and needs only six hours to charge.

Charging can even be done via solar panels.

This vehicle can also be fitted with its own trailer to allow more packing space if needed.

When the trailer is connected to the vehicle, it can be used as a 6×6 vehicle, since the trailer has its own electric wheels.

The vehicle is also fitted with frontal and rear bars designed to strap extra loads to it, and can take up to 80kg of additional load, while the trailer can take up to 500kg.

With all the specs on this vehicle one can rightfully say the sky is the limit when it comes to the applications it was built for.

For more information, visit powerland_sadc on Instagram.

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