The Election is Approaching, And So Are Empty Promises

AS ELECTION SEASON draws near in Namibia, it is not uncommon to witness politicians venturing into remote areas, accompanied by cameras, in an apparent display of concern for the less fortunate.

The scene seems all too familiar – these politicians pose alongside impoverished members of society, offering a helping hand and capturing images that are intended to convey their compassion and dedication to the needy.

However, once the election season concludes, this display of altruism often fades, leaving the poor and vulnerable to face their struggles alone.

While it is commendable that politicians recognise the importance of engaging with all sections of society, it is disheartening to witness the correlation between these visits and the electoral calendar.

The presence of politicians in remote areas during election campaigns raises questions about their genuine commitment to addressing the issues faced by the marginalised.

Unfortunately, this cycle has become part of the political landscape in Namibia, where politicians seem to prioritise their own interests rather than the welfare of the people.

The promises made during the election period suddenly vanish shortly after the ballots are counted.

The four-year lull between elections is marked by a distinct absence of these politicians, leaving citizens to wonder if their leadership and representation were nothing but a facade.

What is truly disheartening is that this narrative perpetuates a system where the voices and concerns of the poor are often ignored.

Communities in remote areas continue to struggle with inadequate access to education, healthcare, infrastructure and basic amenities.

The temporary engagement of politicians only serves as a fleeting reminder of their plight, with no tangible solutions or long-term commitment in sight.

As citizens of Namibia, it is crucial to remain vigilant and hold our elected officials accountable. We must demand more than just empty gestures and fleeting moments of attention during election campaigns.

It is high time we challenge the status quo and seek politicians who prioritise the sustainable development of our nation, rather than those who are merely interested in maintaining their positions of power.

In the upcoming election, let us look beyond the photo opportunities and scrutinise the track records and intentions of the politicians vying for our votes.

We must seek leaders who demonstrate genuine empathy, robust policy proposals and a sustained commitment to uplifting all sectors of society, including the poor and marginalised.

It is only through our collective demand for transparent and accountable governance that we can break this cycle and pave the way for a more equitable and prosperous Namibia.

Let us refuse to be fooled again, demanding actions that align with the promises made before casting our votes.

After all, it is our future and the future of our nation that hangs in the balance.

Makaisapi Tjiumbirua

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