Telecom clients remember Geingob’s ‘One Namibia, One Nation’ vision

Mourning customers of Telecom Namibia in Windhoek said they will always remember Geingob’s ‘One Namibia, One Nation’ vision for Namibia.

David Joseph said Geingob’s aim with ‘One Namibia, One Nation’, was to urge Namibians to love, care, accept and support each other no matter their differences.

“Geingob one time said “I call on the nation to perpetuate the narrative of One Namibia, One Nation. Let us own this narrative for it defines our identity and speaks to the spirit of our struggle for independence.”

“I will always remember these wise words. Geingob was a great leader who always wanted unity and peace,” Joseph said.

He said Geingob’s vision for a better future has inspired countless individuals.

Madeline Nuugulu feels that it is because of Geingob’s vision of ‘One Namibia, One Nation’, that many people started to accept people just the way they are. She said she personally will carry on treating others just like fellow Namibians despite their various differences.

Telecom Namibia’s management and staff said they will always remember Geingob for his leadership that emphasised unity, prosperity and positive change for Namibia, as they recently gathered for a candlelight vigil.

The ceremony held at the company’s headquarters in Windhoek, served as a tribute to Geingob’s role in Namibia’s liberation struggle and his reputation as a leader who connected with the people.

Telecom is the national telecommunications operator, established in August 1992 and wholly owned by the government.

Acting CEO Calvin Muniswaswa praised Geingob as a visionary and dedicated leader who inspired others with his passion and dedication.

Muniswaswa encouraged everyone to focus on the positive impact Geingob had on the nation and emphasised that the nation should continue building upon his legacy.

Gary Pretorius described Geingob as someone who knew how to handle criticism from the public. He said because of Geingob, he learned that sometimes it is best to not become aggressive about what people are saying about you.

“Our president loved to smile. His laughter is something that I will always carry with me. A lot was said about Geingob, but he always held his head up high. He believed in himself and kept on fighting for his country and it’s people. This he will leave with many Namibians forever,” Pretorius said.

Jacqueline Platt said Geingob was a brave leader who we can learn from and that she will proudly tell her future children all about him.

“It is true that the loss of our president has made a profound impact on all of us. I love the fact that he was a cheerful leader. He loved to smile and greet people. With him around there was never a dull moment. We really had the best president in the world. My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family and the entire nation,” Platt said.

Bryan Cloete said he will always appreciate the fact that Geingob showed interest in Namibia and it’s people. He was also pleased about the fact that the late president would often be seen at sporting or musical events, having a great time.

“Seeing our biggest man, our president outdoors inspired me to be there for one another and to support each other. It also motivated me to always smile no matter how bad your situation might be,” he said.

“He loved to dance and was very good at it. His ability to unite people from all walks of life was truly remarkable. He will surely never be forgotten,” Cloete said.

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