Tate Kwela inspired my musical journey – EfeLucky Kwela

LUCK … EfeLucky Kwela recently released his new album, ‘Like a Culture’. Photo: Contributed

Embarking on his musical journey 10 years ago, EfeLucky Kwela says he was inspired and motivated to be a musician by his late grandfather, the self-taught Shambo guitarist and folklore musician Tate Kwela.

EfeLucky Kwela recently launched his 14-track debut album ‘Like a Culture’. The title refers to music being an inherent talent for Kwela.

Speaking to The Namibian recently, he said he was eight years old when Tate Kwela, taught him to play the guitar.

He even bought him a guitar, which would go on to play a role in the development of his music career.

“I remember going with it to school and playing songs for my classmates, which they began to enjoy. This also encouraged me to never give up on what I was doing,” says EfeLucky.

He gained much knowledge from observing his famous grandfather and his personal role model while he recorded and played the guitar.

“In addition to what I am doing in the music business, I want to encourage the next generation to be modest, respectful, loving, peaceful and happy. To receive blessings from the man above, he says.

All the way from Okapya village in the Oshana region, EfeLucky says his biggest musical obstacles have been individuals who judged him, as well as financial challenges which affected the release of his first album.

The album ‘Like a Culture’ is part of a family heritage, moulded after his grandfather’s efforts to leave a legacy.

It also serves as an inspiration to many musicians, both young and old.

The album was mastered by Vilho, and the singer collaborated with Okapya-based producers Motive Sound, Beats by P and Zyco Beats.

“I included Maxido die Baddest, E-Jay Namibia, Markes Haufiku, Zyco Beats, Lifetime, Kajossy die One and Praise T on my album to give it a new and different taste,” says EfeLucky.

He names ‘Our Life’ and ‘Po Spota’ – a song that was recently promoted on Shipi FM’s Top 20 Local Countdown – as his personal favourite tracks on the album.

Another song to watch out for is ‘Our Life’, which is about believing in what is on the table and eating what is available.

“’Po Spota’ is about business. Once we end up doing business, we must pay each other as we agreed at the spot where we are doing business. It should be a deal done,” he says.

Another song on the album, ‘Ubuntu waBantu’, is about wellness as a human being and respecting and believing in the culture.

As part of his future plans, EfeLucky says he intends to promote his album and shoot two music videos before the year ends.

“I have already started working on my next album, to be released by the end of the year,” he says.

The singer recently performed at the Oshakati Totem Expo and Miss High School North to hone his talent.

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