Swimming is a Vital Life Skill, Not Merely Leisure

IT CONCERNS ME deeply that lives are lost to drowning, especially among low-income families who struggle to prioritise spare time and resources for children’s swimming lessons.

This must change.

With climate trends increasing flood risks, the need is pressing. Tragic incidents, even from other children’s silly pranks, emphasise this urgency.

Governments and local councils have provided leisure centres – essential for teaching swimming.

We applaud their efforts, but urge sustained prioritisation and adequate safety resources.

Parents must recognise swimming’s life-saving significance.

Community leaders, religious institutions and social clubs must amplify the message: The ability to swim gives our children a chance to life, and may also save the lives of others.

Collective action can prevent countless tragedies and spare families immeasurable grief.

During holidays, let’s promote swimming lessons at recreational centres, safeguarding our loved ones.

This is a universal concern demanding global cooperation.

Let’s unite to ensure water safety and swimming education for all children’s well-being.

Beverley Mutandiro

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