Suspended NYC director looking at legal options

Calista Schwartz-Gowases

Suspended director of the National Youth Council, Calista Schwartz-Gowases, says she will be seeking legal action against the youth body after her suspension.

She told The Namibian on Monday evening that her suspension was not valid because it was not done procedurally and called the matter an injustice.

“Definitely, I have to take legal action because article 18 provides that any person that feels a level of injustice must approach the courts and that is what I will do,” she said.

According to Schwartz-Gowases, she did not take the suspension letter at the board meeting that resulted in her suspension on Monday afternoon.

The suspended director further explained that an accompanying document was missing from her suspension process.

“That’s why I didn’t even take the suspension letter. There is a clear directive in terms of how CEOs are suspended. All I requested was that the board gives me a consent letter from the line minister, because she must consent and give approval to my suspension,” she noted.

Schwartz-Gowases emphasised that once the letter is provided, she will accept her suspension.

“I don’t have an objection with the suspension, but it must be done procedurally,” she said.

The suspended director informed The Namibian that she cannot go back to work because the lock of her office has been changed. Schwartz-Gowases was suspended with full remuneration, according to the chairperson of the human resource, remuneration and ethics committee, Simon Taapopi.

This comes after serious allegations of misconduct and is meant to allow disciplinary proceedings to be conducted without any interference.

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