Sunny Boy ventures into acting in ‘Captain Kalola’

Sunny Boy

In an exciting move, Namibian musician Sunny Boy is set to make his mark in the film industry with the upcoming action comedy, ‘Captain Kalola’.

The film, directed by Dion Auala (PDK), features Sunny Boy alongside Tate Buti, who takes on the role of a corrupt police officer in the north of Namibia.

The storyline revolves around the complexities of law enforcement in the region, blending action and comedy to deliver a unique cinematic experience.

Sunny Boy says transitioning from music to acting was a great experience.

“Seeing that they were already familiar with how things work from the first movie, they really helped me blend in quite well with minimal effort.

“Everyone did their part, and where one struggled we were there to help them cope. We were on location for two full weeks, and that helped us bond and make good friends,” he says.

The film, set against the backdrop of Namibia’s northern landscapes, promises to showcase the country’s rich cultural diversity while addressing social issues with humour and action-packed sequences.

Sunny Boy also shed light on pursuing acting in the future.

“I will definitely be pursuing this part of my life and hopefully make it another part of my career. I’ll be having fun doing it. I have learnt you can do anything if you put your mind to it and apply yourself accordingly. You can pull it off.

“All you need to do is believe in yourself and align yourself with people who feel and share the same sentiments,” he says.

Sunny Boy says he has faced a few challenges, but overcame them with the help of the cast and crew.

“When we started shooting I was kind of shy, and that almost affected my character in the movie, because I always felt I was not good enough.

“I was more concerned about the people around me and what they were thinking. But we encouraged each other and pushed each other positively not to overthink things and to just be natural and patient with ourselves.

“Also the fact that it was an action comedy ensured that there was always much laughter, which brought comfort and chilled vibes,” he says.

As the Namibian entertainment scene continues to evolve, ‘Captain Kalola’ illustrates the growing crossover between music and film, showcasing the multi­faceted talents of artists like Sunny Boy, Tate Buti and Top Cheri.

“I had fun making this movie, and I think we need to make more movies in Namibia, because the talent is amazing out there. It makes one proud to be able to switch on a TV and watch a locally produced movie.

“And most importantly, the nation needs to stand behind us and support us. That’s the only way we can grow,” he says.
The film’s release date has not been set yet. –

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