Summer festival rocks Katima

Multi-talented Katima Mulilo artist DJ Vuyo recently hosted ‘Yenda Summer Festival’ at his home town.

The show saw music lovers flocking to the local stadium.

Doors opened at 10h00 to allow attendees to visit exhibitors’ stalls where clothing, refreshments, food, and other products are on sale.

The event kicked off with a volleyball match, which allowed different teams to play against each other for a prize of N$3 000 for the winner, N$2 000 for the team in second place, and N$1 000 for third place.

The show thereafter continued with performances by Champions League DJs.

At around 22h00 DJ Vuyo took his vocals and emotional lyrics to the stage.

The main artists were Gazza and DJ Vuyo.

The stage was decorated with lights on all sides and a large screen by sound and lights company Jaycee Entertainment.

The light displays further elevated the show’s atmosphere.

Before DJ Vuyo’s performance, the stage was graced by artists such as DJ Siya, Kwaito Larger, DJ Jittaz, DJ Roxy, Mr KaBling Bling, Shanky Briz from Botswana, Killa-B, DJ Kboz and Tulipatje Cultural Group.

Award-winning artist Gazza took a trip down memory lane when he performed old-school hit tracks such as ‘Penduka Tsotsi’, ‘Pikie Pikie’, and ‘Swagga’, before he introduced DJ Vuyo to close the show.

DJ Vuyo performed hit tracks such as ‘Karomo Romo’, ‘Stingy Men’, ‘Money’, and many others.

He said no words can describe how grateful he is about the show’s turnout, while promising another magnificent edition next year.

“The festival was amazing and beyond my expectations. From the groundwork to actually seeing the fruits of our labour. I am genuinely happy with the turnout and the support from my fans,” he said afterwards.

“We’d like to thank Sanlam and Windhoek Draught. We extend our heartfelt appreciation for their support and believing in Yenda Summer Festival,” he added.

He went on to thank his fellow artists for their performances.

“Thanking all my fellow artists Gazza, DJ Siya, DJ Kboz, Killa B & Epuka, Shanky Briz, Kwaito Lager, DJ Roxy, DJ Tittaza, Tulipatje Cultural Group and Champions League DJs,” he said.

Meanwhile, videographer Didi Reloaded recorded the entire festival, making sure he captured the crowd’s reactions while artists enjoyed themselves on stage.

DJ Vuyo earlier this year hosted a successful one-man show at The Brewers Market in Windhoek.

He is currently managed by Mepani M Productions.

DJ Vuyo released an album called ‘Monica’ in 2019, on which he worked with DJ Famous and Excel, followed by an album called ‘Cousin’, which he produced with DJ KBoz, Andrew on the Beat, and Focus Laqost in 2020.

He also released tracks such as ‘Jealousy’, mixed and mastered by DJ KBoz at Ñotabúlyàho Studios, ‘Shoe Size’, ‘Job is Job’, ‘Muloti’, ‘No Pressure’, ‘I Am Sorry’, ‘Hold Me’, and ‘Share’.

DJ Vuyo has so far worked with Tate Buti Kwaito Lager, Sunny Boy, Top Cheri and DJ Siya, while rubbing shoulders with industry gurus such as Gazza and King Tee Dee.

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