Suit With Sneakers – The Basics

I have observed many men struggling with the combination of a suit and sneakers.

It’s a sophisticated style not everyone can effortlessly put together.

To master this look, you need to have some sense of style.

Allow me to share some valuable tips which will enable you to not only rock this trend, but also have those around you wholeheartedly embrace your look!

The shoes

The sneakers should be solid white with no stripes or patterns. It’s advisable to choose a pair with a slightly thicker sole, but the sole shouldn’t be too thin. The shoes should be as clean as possible, with the laces neatly tied and not tucked in. A tip to remember is to avoid wearing sport brand sneakers, as they don’t complement formal pants. Instead, opt for brands which pair well with a more dressed-up look and have subtle logos.

The suit

Avoid a black suit. Opting for a navy blue, baby blue, or even an olive green suit would be far more suitable for this type of outfit. The colour you choose greatly influences your overall appearance.

Let’s talk about the fabric of your suit, which is an essential factor in determining your look. While a linen suit can certainly work, a 100% cotton suit would undoubtedly elevate your game to another level, so choose wisely.

Moving on to the pants: It’s essential to get the length just right. Pants that hit just at the ankle provide a fashionable and balanced appearance. However, be cautious not to go too short or too long, as either extreme can disrupt the overall aesthetic. Excessively short pants create an awkward and informal look, while overly long ones may look outdated.

The shirt

Gentlemen, when it comes to your attire, let’s steer clear of formal or dress shirts – absolutely not the right choice for this occasion – nor a golf shirt. What you need is a classic and versatile plain white crew-neck T-shirt.

A V-neck is definitely a no-go, as it tends to expose more of your chest, and we’re not at the beach here, we’re aiming for a more refined and put-together look.

Now, onto the specifics of the T-shirt: It should be perfect and pure white, without any prints or patterns. The idea here is to achieve a clean and minimalist aesthetic that perfectly complements your crisp white sneakers. The colour shouldn’t be off-white or faded. It has to feel like it was bought yesterday.

The occasion

Where to wear this outfit to is crucial. While a suit paired with sneakers can be versatile, it’s essential to acknowledge that it’s not appropriate for certain events, such as weddings or baptisms. This combination is better suited for occasions like a daytime mimosa party in a beautiful garden, or a relaxed wine-tasting event, and maybe even a nightclub. The concept is often misunderstood.

So, if you follow these tips, I can assure you that you’ll effortlessly pull off a suit-sneaker combination like a true champion, turning heads wherever you go.

– Meneer_SK is an advocate for men’s grooming and all matters relating to men. Follow him on Instagram @Meneer_SK

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