S&T unaccounted for at spy agency – AG

Junias Kandjeke

The auditor general’s report into the Namibia Central Intelligence Service (NCIS) has flagged several issues such as revenue overestimation and unaccounted for subsistence and travel (S&T) allowances.

The report showed that for the period ended 31 March 2023, there was an amount of N$37 172 outstanding in S&T.

Another issue raised in the audit by auditor general (AG) Junias Kandjeke is a discrepancy in revenue estimation by the NCIS.

While the audit shows a positive variance in interest received, amounting to N$2,5 million, it also shows a negative variance of N$470 000 attributed to the sale of service properties.

“The service recorded a negative variance of N$470 000 from sales of service properties, because approval to dispose of vehicles at external stations was granted towards the end of the financial year, due to outstanding valuations, thus no sales took place,” Kandjeke said.

Operational expenditure of the NCIS increased by 8,2% compared to the 2021/2022 financial year.

Meanwhile, substantial miscellaneous revenue of N$14,2 million was reported by the NCIS. The department’s revenue amounted to N$19 million, compared to N$3 million in the previous year.

The AG reported a total amount of N$4,6 million was viremented among various standard subdivisions during the year under review.

Over the period under review, the NCIS spent a total amount of N$843 600 incurred in respect of bursary and study assistance for 43 bursary holders.

The service also carried out 18 financial and asset inspections at its offices, stations and regional offices.

Kandjeke gave the service an unqualified audit opinion, indicating that the financial statements are reliable and comply with the necessary standards.

“Key audit matters are those matters that, in my professional judgement, were of most significance in my audit of the financial statements of the current period. I have determined that there were no key audit matters to communicate in my report,” Kandjeke said.

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