Spreetshoogte, a Wild Run!

Get ready to push your limits amid nature’s raw beauty on 22 June, as the Gondwana Spreetshoogte Challenge invites adventurers and athletes alike to an exhilarating trail run.

Whether you stride with determination or dash with fervour, this event promises an unforgettable test of endurance and spirit.

The journey begins at Barkhan Dune Retreat, rising through the briar savanna to conquer the legendary Spreetshoogte Pass. The question is: Do you have what it takes to meet this challenge?

Adding a melodic note to the event, the ever-evolving Namibian music scene will see a thrilling new chapter with the genesis of The Undivided Band. United under Gondwana Collection Namibia, this band is a fusion of seven extraordinary talents from different ethnic groups. Comprised of Adam Brandon-Kirby, Maryke Koekemoer, Kyle Cyriax, Lin-Mari Coetzee, Saggarias Tsam, Kati Hwande and Arthur Black, they come together not just as musicians but as a vibrant symphony of aspirations and dreams.

After the race, you will get the chance to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere as Gondwana’s Undivided Band takes the stage. Their music will bring warmth and life to the desert, allowing you to celebrate your achievement and unwind to rhythmic tunes that promise to elevate the event to an unforgettable experience.

The Undivided Band represents the magic of teamwork, combining different musical styles to create an amazing sound. This collaboration proves that music unites, standing as testament to its role as an inclusive language and a universal bridge connecting hearts and souls through its rhythms.

Participants and supporters can also look forward to a delicious braai, offering a hearty meal to replenish and celebrate the end of this historic event.

The 2024 Gondwana Spreetshoogte Challenge marks the first time this challenge is open to the public and running enthusiasts alike, making it an utterly unique occasion.

Redefine your limits and secure your spot in this epic race and post-race festivities by visiting Gondwana Collection Namibia’s website and registering. Registration is now open and closes on 14 June. Terms and conditions apply.

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