Social media react to TB Joshua allegations

TB Joshua

Here’s what social media users had to say on the rape and torture allegations levelled against the late TB Joshua:

X (formerly Twitter)

•“Lots of comments from men who don’t know what it’s like to be silenced, because nobody will believe you and everyone will believe the powerful man. There’s a reason why these stories often come out after the person has died. The victims lose their fear.” – Timothy Barton

•“Why now? Senior Prophet TB Joshua may your soul continue RIP! What they don’t know they destroy, what they know they call it names.” – @irona93511527

•“Religion is a manmade concept, and abusers like to weaponise it for their own selfish gains: money, sex and revenge.” – @intelligence_i1

•“Very sad. I hope she finds peace one day. Speaking out against predators must be hard, speaking out against a predator who also happens to lead a cult of sheep who will follow him into a burning house must be very difficult.” – @MostPal0n3

•“Africans and the Western-inherited God. You will reap what you sow.” – @Freeman1754987


•“But it’s not only him . . . BBC go deeper.” – Ruan Cowan

•“Even if it’s true or false, it’s not right to investigate and only release the findings when the accused person has passed on. Why could they not have released this while he was still alive for him to defend himself?” – Mathews Mbala

•“All along I knew there will be no man who will ever be like Jesus. Those ‘papas’ and ‘mamas’ are on a mission to exploit the innocent, vulnerable and desperate people of this earth. So, watch out guys.” – Luke Tangeni Amunyela

•“Shame on you, Namibian media, where were you when he was alive, and those who were abused sexually, why they didn’t report him while He was alive? What kind of hatred is this? This man has done a great job. Have you published it? Children of darkness, your plan will not succeed. You failed already.” – Joshua Shindinge

•“Namibian people always want to hear good things from the so-called prophets go-ahead until you pull down your hat for him.” – Henny Dieterle

•“I won’t judge until I hear the story from both sides. Why are they only revealing the truth now?” – Augustinus Jnr Hange

•“Women and their men of God, they just don’t learn.” – Fred Amutenya

•“Why did you not say it when he was alive, why now after all this time? You were just holding it to yourself, you supported evil.” – Ba Renchia

•“You like things, everything is ‘PAPA,PAPA,PAPA!’” – Eliaser Timoteus

•“This is not funny at all.” – Ester Nuusiku ya Kambaka

•“People, why not speak when he was alive? Now I believe that Joshua was a servant of God.” – Fiskani Mkandawire


•“I believe you, sister, these so-called prophets are out here doing the most unholy things. I hope you are okay.” – @just.beast13

•“I just had a feeling he was one of the fake ones, but what’s the use now? He’s dead and justice won’t be served.” – @auntsquidwardd

•“Hahaha, some people are offended already . . . Their man of God sowaar.” – @Carta19k

•“That’s so sad. I wish her all the strength and resilience, because truth be told Jessica will now have to deal with the stone flinging, judgements and mockery from the so-called prophet’s disciples. In the end, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” – @jacksonf.t1

•“Are you sure you are not paid to do this? Where have you been? I’m not taking any side though.” – @ingekapembe

•“When we were saying he was botched, they were preaching ‘man of God’.” – @mapiano17

•“Women always become victims after seeking blessings . . . Please seek blessings in churches and not in pastors’ houses and rooms.” – @henry_jr_sam

•“Jessica, if you’re paid for this, God will judge you well. God is not a politician, neither are his prophets.” – @angelmichael4479

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