Skincare Routine for Men

Just like women, men also need skincare routines.

Both mornings and nights, as this is an essential practice we should incorporate into our daily lives.

Imagine having glowing skin and how that would make you feel. Your confidence is instantly boosted, as well as your overall well-being.

The long-term benefits are immense.

Here is what you need:

Face wash: Gentlemen, it’s important to use a different soap for your face than you do for your body. Manufacturers clearly label products as body wash, face wash, scrub and so forth, so it’s crucial to differentiate between them.

Using body wash on your face won’t give you glowing skin, because the product wasn’t made for that purpose.

The price of face wash products varies by brand, but countless options are available.

Additionally, you should be able to find one in the aisle that meets your needs and budget.

If you already have, kudos to you, and if you haven’t, then budget for it for the end of June.

Toner: A toner can provide an extra-deep clean, removing dirt and bacteria that your cleanser may have missed.

Additionally, toners help protect your skin by sealing the pores after cleansing. So, how do you apply toner? The first step is to choose your method of application.

Cotton pads are commonly used for applying toner. Simply wet a pad with toner and gently pat it onto your face. Alternatively, you can apply toner directly with your hands, gently rubbing it in using circular motions.

Both methods are effective, so choose the one that feels best for you. I personally prefer using a cotton pad, because it’s much faster, and one can see the dirt on the cotton pad.

Strangely enough, no matter how you cleanse, the cotton pad will always show dirt.

Moisturiser: The moisturiser you use on your face should also be different from the one you use on your body.

In fact, that is called body lotion.

This distinction is crucial due to the differences in the manufacturing process and the specific needs of facial versus body skin.

Facial creams are typically formulated to address the more delicate and sensitive skin of the face, often containing ingredients that cater to issues like acne, ageing and sensitivity.

Therefore, these creams are usually packaged in smaller sizes, reflecting their concentrated formulas and the targeted application areas.

On the other hand, body moisturisers are designed to cover larger areas and often focus on hydration and protection against environmental factors.

These products tend to come in larger containers and have a thicker consistency to effectively moisturise the tougher skin on the body.

Incorporating sunscreen into our daily skincare routine is essential for men to protect their skin from harmful UV radiation, maintain skin health and prevent long-term damage.

The regular use of sunscreen helps in skin cancer prevention, prevents premature ageing, protects against sunburn and promotes overall skin health.

Generally, men often spend more time outdoors, increasing our exposure to the sun and the need for effective sun protection.

Therefore, sunscreen is crucial for safeguarding men’s skin against sun damage.

In addition to daily sunscreen use, incorporating a weekly scrub and exfoliation routine is crucial, especially for men with beards, to prevent ingrown hair.

Success in skincare, much like in any other endeavour, is no accident; it requires hard work, perseverance, learning and dedication.

Basic facial hygiene is as essential as having airtime to call.

It’s vital for men to develop the habit of proper skincare and make it part of our daily lives.

This commitment will not only protect against sun damage, but also ensure overall skin health and vitality.

  • Meneer_SK advocates men’s grooming and all matters relating to men. Follow him on Instagram @Meneer_SK

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