Size Does Not Matter

I was fascinated to learn that a family of seven can live in a tiny two-bedroom house and still produce not only disciplined children, but also high flyers academically, making sure every child does their best.

In a rocky township somewhere on the outskirts of Windhoek lives a couple and five children – a typical extended family setting, as two are cousins added to the family as a way of helping family members who stay at the village.

In a quest to understand their circumstances, I was privileged to get the warmest welcome from the head of the house, ‘Mr H’ (not his real name), who was flanked by seemingly well-fed and jovial children.

After losing his job, Mr H had to cut some expenses, hence they find themselves living in a small two-bedroom home.

“Space is not everything, as long as I can give my family the best education and am in a position to feed them,” he told me, while pointing to ‘V’, who had her school report card with her.

I took a glance at V’s results and was shocked seeing A and B grades in subjects like mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology.

“She is, in fact, among the top performers at school,” said ‘Mrs M’ with pride.

With giggles from all the other siblings, they told me their stories.

I learned that Beauty and Ujaa are doing modelling, Pepua, who is the eldest, is pursuing an honour’s degree in accounting at the University of Namibia, and Rio, who is the only boy and last- born of the family, plays soccer.

“I am still not good yet, but for sure one day I will play for Man United,” Rio told me.

The size of their house does not matter to this family.

What matters to them is a conducive environment in which their children can excel academically and become community leaders with good morals.

They say if life gives you lemons, one should make lemonade.

This is indeed the perfect phrase to describe this family.

We should not be defined by what we have or do not have, but by the goals we set for ourselves and the persevering force to reach them – no matter the circumstances.

Magreth Mate

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