Seibeb feels ‘liberated’

Hennie Seibeb
… as Shaningwa beckons

Former Landless People’s Movement (LPM) deputy president Henny Seibeb remains tight-lipped on his next political home, despite Swapo saying the party would welcome him if he wants to rejoin.

He says he will “extensively” engage with key political actors, business leaders and activists in the coming days to make a political decision. On Tuesday, LPM leader Bernadus Swartbooi claimed the party carried a “heavy burden” [Seibeb] for five years.

“We had to carry the person. We had to babysit. We couldn’t speak about those issues, because at the time, the person was part of us.
We had difficult days with these people,” he said earlier this week.

Seibeb, alongside former party operative secretary (secretary general) Edson Isaaks, resigned from the LPM and as members of parliament this week.

Seibeb is a founding member of the party.

Speaking to The Namibian yesterday, he said he is currently in a “liberated zone, experiencing genuine freedom”.

“In the coming days, I will engage in extensive consultations with key political actors, business leaders, organised labour, community-based organisations, activists, the historic bloc, student leaders and various youth groups to make a political determination.

“Remember, all individuals are inherently political, and the Namibian Constitution grants me the freedom of political activism and association,” he said.

Seibeb said some LPM leaders have accused him of having been offered a position in Swapo.

He described the allegations as “pure gossip and rumour mongering”.

Asked what his future looks like politically, Seibeb said: “All will be revealed soon.”

There have also been rumours that Swartbooi wanted give Seibeb and Isaak the boot this week.

However, the two have resigned with immediate effect.


LPM spokesperson Lifalaza Simataa in a media release said the party is happy to accept Seibeb’s and Isaaks’ “street resignation in typical reckless and stunted form”.

The two have avoided informing the party of their resignation and preferred to use an “immature route” of announcing this on social media, he said.

Simasiku said Seibeb’s only career highlight was working as an assistant in the office of Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana, and he “could never adjust to the leadership mantle”.

He said Seibeb and Isaaks became notorious as being unable to lead and lacking focus to help move the party forward.

“In fact, this party never needed the likes of Seibeb,” he said.

He said Seibeb was a “huge liability actively gaining negative press, conducting himself in an offensive and aggressive manner and actively being rude and unlikeable”.

“His often violent, loud and unfiltered expression of hate was difficult to swallow by all those unfortunate to encounter his wrath,” Simataa said.

Sophia Shaningwa


Swapo secretary general Sophia Shaningwa yesterday said Swapo would appreciate Seibeb’s return.

She dismissed allegations that Seibeb has been offered a position in Swapo prior to his resignation.

“Those who allege that honourable Seibeb resigned because he was offered a position by Swapo are completely wrong,” she said.

Shaningwa, however, said Seibeb is a “Swapo child”.

Shaningwa said Seibeb is a product of Swapo and is “deeply concerned” about the well-being of Namibians.

“If he resigned to come back to Swapo, his return would be highly appreciated,” she said.

Shaningwa believes “thousands” would return to Swapo.

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