Sean Kamati shines on ‘X Factor Malta’ stage

Sean Kamati. Photo: X Factor Malta

Namibian musician Sean Kamati, who is currently a contestant on the ‘X Factor Malta’ stage, offered a glimpse into his artistic process and the heartfelt support he has been receiving.

In a candid interview with, Kamati delved into the choices and challenges of his live performances on the show.

When asked about the inspiration behind his song choice for Sunday’s performance, Kamati said he opted for a song that showcased a different side of him.

“Somehow, my performance did not come across as we intended. However, I did manage to redeem myself in the sing-off.”

Preparing for his live debut was no small feat, said Kamati.

“Well, we started preparing months ago. Choosing the song, recording it and making sure we are ready for production to set the lights and stage, etc. But most of all, it was just a lot of rehearsals. TV is hard work.”

Reflecting on the support he has been receiving, Kamati expressed gratitude after artists like Gazza showered him with praise for representing the country.

“I have quite a bit of support here in Malta, but it is so beautiful to see all the support that is coming from back home. From other artists and also the people. It makes me feel truly seen and appreciated.”

Regarding his overall experience on ‘X Factor Malta’, Kamati emphasised the magnitude of the opportunity.

“It’s a huge opportunity, which I grabbed with both hands. Not only do I get to show the world what I am capable of, I get to carry the Namibian flag with pride. It’s an honour to be able to represent my country in my own little way.”

As Sean Kamati continues to make waves on the ‘X Factor Malta’ stage, the support from fans and the artistic community fuels his determination to leave a lasting impression on the international platform. –

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