SA rapper in catfight with Namibian hair trader after allegedly not paying for wig

Nadia Nakai

SOUTH African rapper Nadia Nakai is embroiled in a social media catfight with Namibian hair trader and owner of Fashion Wins Hair Collection Senia Shipo.

Shipo is accusing Nakai of failing to pay for a wig given to her while on tour in Namibia a few months ago.

Shipo took to social media saying the South African rap sensation skipped the country without returning or paying for the wig.

“I took a few wigs to a local hotel where she was staying and gave them prices. Nadia chose a 26-inch three-bundle curly frontal, which is N$6 500.

“I gave them the option to either buy it at that amount or leave it at reception the next morning,” she said.

Shipo added that “I reached out to her manager and kindly asked them to send back the wig, and tried making an effort to have someone bring it to Namibia, but they were not making any effort to return the wig”.

Shipo claims the rapper’s manager blocked any communication with her. She said Nakai eventually returned with a different wig.

“She told me they dropped the wig at the address I gave them. The wig arrived in Namibia, but it was the wrong wig. It was a short machine -made one which had very little hair,” she said.

Shipo said she eventually demanded to be paid.

“I did not require any tag from them. They are thieves, because their excuse was the flight was so early they could not take the wig off,” she said.

The Namibian trader says she finally received payment on Wednesday.

“I can confirm that I just received the wig payment and I will be deleting all my posts regarding this matter,” Shipo said on social media.

Nakai, however, took to X (formerly Twitter), accusing Shipo of being a liar. –

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