Reporters, content creators sharpen storytelling skills

A number of reporters and content creators from Africa had the opportunity to enhance their digital storytelling skills at a TikTok training session organised by the Centre For Innovation and Technology (Cite) and DW Akademie in Zimbabwe last week.

Hosted in Bulawayo, the event brought together aspiring reporters and content creators eager to utilise the power of TikTok as a platform for disseminating information and engaging audiences.

Participants were treated to comprehensive training on various aspects of TikTok content creation, including video editing techniques, storytelling fundamentals and audience engagement strategies.

The trainers covered a wide range of topics, including the basics of journalism ethics, fact-checking techniques, sourcing reliable information and storytelling methods suitable for TikTok.

Throughout the session, attendees were encouraged to unleash their creativity and explore innovative ways to leverage TikTok’s features to deliver impactful stories that resonate with diverse audiences.

Community Podium News reporter Providence Moyo from Bulawayo says the training has been invaluable in equipping her with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the digital age of journalism.

“TikTok offers a unique platform to connect with audiences on a more personal level and I’m excited to integrate these newfound skills into my work,” she says.

Matilda Majawa from Times Group in Malawi says the training was an eye-opener as she never thought she could use Tiktok as a tool to debunk disinformation and raise awareness on issues affecting the majority of Malawians.

The event not only provided practical insights into TikTok’s functionalities, but also how to fact-check information before sharing it online to combat misinformation and fake news.

John Matambo, a participant at the training, says: “I’ve always been passionate about creating content that resonates with my community.

“This initiative has opened my eyes to the importance of fact-checking and ensuring accuracy in my videos. I feel more confident in my ability to contribute meaningfully to conversations on TikTok.”

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