Rapid Rescue Response Needed

The loss of lives caused by accidents on Namibian roads have yet again shown the urgent need for improved and rapid medical rescue responses to remote areas where there is no cellphone communication.

In the case of the recent accident at the Kuiseb Pass road, the C14, it has to be noted that even response teams with fixed-wing aircraft would not have been able to assist in a timely manner.

What’s needed is combined response teams with access to helicopters, of which those stationed in Windhoek (from NamWater, the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism and the police) are idle on the ground 80% of the time.

I strongly propose that representatives from role players with helicopters at their disposal meet to work on emergency response plans which can be successfully activated in emergencies, such as the recent one at the Kuiseb River crossing.

In the Erongo region the West Coast Road Safety Initiative was established to address such emergencies.

Martin Schneider

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