Quality Education for All

Education is the cornerstone of development in any society.

However, in Namibia, we are currently facing significant challenges in education, particularly in the preprimary and junior primary, senior primary, and secondary levels.

Insufficient textbooks, a lack of the necessary stationery, and a perceived absence of quality education are hampering the progress of our pupils.

It is time for us to reflect and take action to ensure that every child in Namibia receives the quality education they deserve.

One of the key issues plaguing our education system is the inadequate availability of textbooks. Many classrooms lack enough textbooks for every pupils, leading to situations where they are forced to share or do without their own material.

This obviously hampers the learning process as pupils are unable to study adequately or follow lessons.

The education ministry, in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, must prioritise the provision of an adequate number of textbooks for all pupils, ensuring that each child has access to the necessary resources to excel academically.

Another issue we face is the burden of parents having to buy stationery. While it is essential for parents to contribute to their children’s education, it is unfair to place the burden solely on them, especially when many families are already struggling financially.

In addition, this leaves some pupils at a disadvantage, as their families may not be able to afford the required supplies. The government should take on the responsibility of providing the necessary stationery to ensure that every child has access to the basic tools they need for learning.

One of the most concerning aspects of the current educational landscape is the perceived lack of quality education. While our teachers work diligently to impart knowledge, various factors hinder their effectiveness.

Insufficient training opportunities, limited resources, and overcrowded classrooms all contribute to the struggle of delivering a high-quality education. It is imperative that we invest in our educators by providing them with continuous professional development opportunities.

Education is the bedrock upon which a prosperous society is built.

As a collective, we must demand better from our government, educational institutions and society as a whole.

It is only through providing access to adequate resources, relieving the financial burden on parents, and investing in our educators that we can ensure quality education for all pupils.

Let us prioritise the empowerment of our children through education, for they are the future architects of our nation’s success.

Edward Kakehongo

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