Putin’s Arrest Warrant – Legal or Illegal?

Vladimir Putin

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued a warrant of arrest for Russian president Vladimir Putin.

This is influenced by ‘big brother’ America and ‘bigger cousin’ Europe.

It is understood that Putin must be captured by August 2023 before the Brics summit in South Africa, or perhaps even during his visit for that particular summit, which is also slated for the same month.

The ICC is notoriously known for taking selective geopolitical measures when dealing with matters of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Recent history, dating back to 2003, reminds the world how a coalition led by the United States and United Kingdom launched military attacks on Iraq, ostensibly to locate and destroy ‘weapons of mass destruction’ – weapons which were never found.

Some of the planet’s most powerful nations have been acting and behaving as if the world starts and ends with them.

It’s either their way or the highway, as evident in the trails of destruction they have left in some parts of the world.

Countries where these superpowers took action for the apparent sake of democracy and the rule of law are the worst off economically, socially and even politically.

Historical facts which point to massive infrastructure destroyed, the loss of human life, the plundering of mineral wealth and more are easily forgotten by these so-called superpowers.

The superpowers of this world which have been criss-crossing Africa must do the right thing and do introspection to see things as they really are.

As for Putin’s arrest, let the Russian people decide what is next for their president. At least, he was democratically elected.

And please don’t arrest him in South Africa on African soil.
Alvenus F Dreyer

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