PstBet brings back FA Cup magic

PstBet made the decision to inject N$6 million into the Namibia Football Association (NFA) Cup because they believe in the potential and dreams of Namibians, the betting company’s chief executive Steven Hamunyela says.

The one-year sponsorship deal, the biggest in the competition’s history, will see the tournament rebranded the PstBet FA Cup and for the first time, will include a women’s section, a notable milestone.

“We are mindful of the huge responsibility we have taken on by sponsoring the PstBet NFA Cup for both men and women. But we are equally confident that we can rely on the skills and expertise to successfully deliver this competition,” Hamunyela said at Friday’s signing reception in Windhoek.

“This is an investment that we make proudly as a Namibian company because we believe in Namibian sport and the hopes and aspirations of our own people. We must do more to create sport opportunities for our youth to prepare them for the highest level,” he noted.

The FA Cup was last held in 2021 and also did not take place in 2012 or 2016, and over the past six years it was only held twice due to leadership battles within the NFA, which impacted negatively on footballing activities.

NFA president Robert Shimooshili lauded PstBet for “investing in the nation” after agreeing to resuscitate the FA Cup.

“Today, we witness a very historical moment as we sign a partnership agreement with PstBet to the tune of N$6 million. These people need to be appreciated for accepting our call when we were looking around for sponsorship to ensure that our competitions are active,” Shimooshili said.

“We are proud of you and are delighted to be associated with you. We look forward to being associated with you for many years to come.

“The example which you set today is a clear testimony that you mean business. You showed that you are invested into the society. By doing this, the entire country will benefit from this. We thank you wholeheartedly for investing into the nation,” said Shimooshili.

The FA Cup is the latest sport event to be added to the betting company’s growing sponsorship portfolio. It includes each of the 14 annual governor’s cup competitions: Debmarine Namibia Premiership clubs Eeshoke Chula Chula and Khomas Nampol and co-sponsoring the MTC Sunshine Boxing Academy.

“It is indeed true that sport has the power to inspire and unite people, and importantly change the world. The game of football does not only unite and inspire, but it also brings development that creates much needed jobs,” Hamunyela said.

“PstBet believes in creating this magic. We are extremely proud of this investment. Because we recognise that we have a role to play when it comes to Namibian sport and we certainly want to see more corporates doing so willingly.

“We have entered into a one year agreement with the NFA, with the hope of extending it for many more years. We will no longer just witness the men in action but we have also incorporated the women to be part of the NFA Cup.”


The sponsorship deal was ironed out on the sidelines of the recent Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) in Ivory Coast, where NFA and PstBet figureheads were present to “learn from the organisers”.

Further details, including the draw and prize monies, will be announced this week.

“The management team of PstBet closely followed the Brave Warriors to Ivory Coast. Not only to support the team, but to understand how a country like Ivory Coast can invest US$1 billion to host a tournament like Afcon,” Hamunyela said.

“I’m sharing this experience with you, in the hope that Namibia will one day follow suit and use the power of sport, particularly the game of football to create the magic that this nation deserves.”

Hamunyela added that his company was honoured to be backing “the biggest football tournament in the country”, which will see over 200 clubs participating.

“We would like to invite all the soccer loving fans to come out in numbers and fill the stadium whenever this game will be played. There’s nothing more motivating for players when they see stadiums packed to capacity,” said Hamunyela.

“To the NFA leadership, we implore your delivery of this event with the highest standard of entertainment, transparency and governance.”

Acting NFA secretary general Jacqueline Shipanga said the unprecedented sponsorship marked a new dawn for football in the country.

“If you have the right leadership in place, with the right passion, with the right competency and vision, everything else will come,” said Shipanga.

“We are witnessing history, N$6 million is not a joke. N$6 million that is inclusive of second division teams, first division, of elite players in the Namibia Premier Football League and not only the Women’s Super League but regional leagues,” said Shipanga.

“PstBet will not only provide an opportunity to create and increase the number of boys and girls to play football, but it will increase the possibility of our [national teams’] coaches to be able to identify talent, which is usually only visible in the elite league,” she said.

“PstBet will not only provide an opportunity to create and increase the number of boys and girls to play football, but it will increase the possibility of our [national teams’] coaches to be able to identify talent, which is usually only visible in the elite league,” she said

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