Prime-Rose releases new cultural track

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Singer-songwriter, Prime Rose Harases, better known as Prime-Rose in music circles, recently released her new song, ‘#Nau-Mai’, in collaboration with Jaliza and KalloOnTheBeat.

This follows the launch of her first single and music video, ‘Never Lose’, in 2020, and her debut album ‘Thunder’ in May 2021.

She says ‘≠Nau-Mai’, translating to ‘let’s dance/groove’ in Khoekhoegowab, is a vibrant celebration of unity and uniqueness in a world where diverse narratives are often overshadowed.

The song proudly brings the rich Namibian cultural tapestry to centre stage, she says.

“The song’s inspiration blossomed in the recording studio. The track encourages authenticity, inviting everyone to embrace and radiate their true selves.

“I was driven by a deep desire to infuse themes of unity, togetherness and prosperity into the lyrics – emphasising these elements not only in the music, but also in the visuals. This intentional choice stems from a desire to counterbalance the often dominant narratives in music, offering a platform to highlight the importance of togetherness, cultural pride and staying true to oneself,” she says.

It’s all about fostering unity, celebrating cultural richness and embracing authenticity, she says.

Marking a distinctive shift from her previous works, ‘≠Nau-Mai’ stands out as a vibrant ode to togetherness, introducing a fresh sonic and thematic direction that encapsulates the spirit of celebrating our unique stories and cultural diversity.

The music video was filmed at a farm near Okahandja, featuring two African women depicted proudly embracing their cultural heritage surrounded by loved ones.

“Shooting the video was an immensely enjoyable experience, as it allowed me to share the moment with cherished friends and family. It emphasised the significance of purposeful storytelling and intentional representation of our stories. The positive reception, with comments highlighting the rarity of such videos in the industry, reinforced the importance of celebrating culture. Despite minor time delays, the shooting day was blessed, presenting no significant challenges,” she says.

“‘≠Nau-Mai’ marks the beginning of a new musical era after a brief hiatus, during which I focused on education and ventures like presenting Miss Teen Namibia. This return signifies a renewed dedication to my musical journey, blending newfound experiences with the passion that fuelled my earlier works,” she says.

Prime-Rose describe her music as a liberating force, enabling her to express herself wholeheartedly. She creates music not only to free herself but to offer that liberating experience to others through the medium of creative art.

The artist started singing at the age of five, and took keyboard lessons when she was 10.

“My music consistently revolves around messages of empowerment, upliftment and unity. These themes are a reflection of my core values and aspirations. I genuinely believe in the transformative power of self-confidence and pride in one’s endeavours, with the conviction that such belief has the potential to bring about positive change in the world. As an eternal optimist, I approach life and music from this hopeful perspective.”

She says music is not just her passion, but an intrinsic part of her identity, a calling she believes she was born to answer.

Over the years, she says she has learned to harness the power of storytelling and music to convey her narrative authentically.

“What sets my music apart is the essence of individuality. My uniqueness shines through in my sound. Embracing my authentic self, I bring a distinctive vocal prowess, a unique range and a personal touch to every musical delivery. I believe in the power of being unapologetically oneself and that, I hope, is what truly distinguishes me in the realm of music.”

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