Prepare for Open-Ended Questions from a Job Candidate

AS an interviewer, you need a game plan. This could help you prepare for and address a job candidate’s open-ended questions.

First, be aware of what you can and can’t say.

Understanding the boundaries of confidential- ity is essential, as it ensures the protection of proprietary information, trade secrets, and other sensitive data integral to a company’s operations.

Then prepare for common questions. For example, candidates often ask about company culture, the history of the position, and the career trajectories of past employees.

Be ready to cite specific examples.

Finally, know which growth opportunities to highlight. Listen attentively during the interview to discern each candidate’s short- and long-term aspirations.

This would help you identify company programmes to mention – from personalised coaching to educational courses to industry conferences.

You may also discuss success stories of em- ployees who have capitalised on the company’s resources and growth opportunities.

* This tip is adapted from ‘How to Answer an Open-Ended Question from a Job Candidate’, by Marlo Lyons.

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