Preparations to re-open Reho-Spa ongoing

Rehoboth mayor Amanda Groenewaldt recently announced that preparations to reopen the Reho-Spa Recreational Resort are ongoing.

Groenewaldt was speaking at a recent Rehoboth Town Council public meeting at the town.

The meeting was the council’s first public engagement with the residents of the Rehoboth Urban West Constituency at the Hermanus van Wyk Community Hall since the beginning of the year.

It was conducted by the seven elected councillors from the council.

The spa, which boasts a large swimming pool, thermal bath, bungalows and conference facilities, was first closed in 2008.

At the time, it was reported that the facility shut its doors after huge liabilities were accrued by Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) following a failed public-private partnership venture when the spa was leased to investors.

The spa was closed for the second time in 2011, after which attempts to reopen it were first made in 2014, with the community trust signing a 12-year lease agreement with NWR, the owners of the resort.

Groenewaldt said the Rehoboth Town Council has obtained the title deed of Reho-Spa from the Ministry of Works and Transport.

“Reho-Spa is on the name of the Rehoboth Town Council. Recently we signed the last page,” Groenewaldt said.

Groenewaldt also invited residents to join the rehabilitation and clean-up campaign of the facility as part of a community initiative.

“On the Rehoboth Town Councils calendar we have set aside two days to clean. On 11 and 12 April we will come together and clean up Reho-Spa. We invite all the members of the public to come and join. Everyone is welcome to come and help. You can come with your hats, overalls, equipment. Let’s clean up so we see how far we get,” she said.

At the meeting, the councillors also shared information on the gazetted tariffs with regards to rates and taxes, provided feedback on the strategic plan and capital projects budgeted for the year, the interim valuation process, alienation scheme and progress, as well as land delivery in Burgershoek and Volstruis Vlakte.

Other agenda points included the Banhoff planning, motions submitted by the councillors and progress thereof, debt collection in the Rehoboth townlands and general municipal accounts, pending vacancies and the live streaming of ordinary council meetings, which those in attendance overwhelmingly requested be reinstated.

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