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Undergoing a few cosmetic changes the Mercedes-Benz GLE 450d 4Matic Coupé made its debut at M+Z Mercedes-Benz in Windhoek last week.

The vehicle has an impressive and spectacular presence – from the panoramic sunroof to the mighty 22-inch wheels, it is a vehicle for the owner who knows what he or she wants.

The 2024 GLE 540d offers a restyled grille, bumpers and headlamps, and new tail lights, complemented by an elegant boot spoiler.

The inside also features a few changes, like an updated and smooth lined facia, new steering wheel, and a panoramic sunroof.

And for the music expert, a Burmeister sound system found its way into the car.

Though the vehicle’s in and outside shouts German perfection, its hat is under the hood that speaks volumes.

The GLE comes with a 2,9l six-cylinder turbo diesel and does not shy away with its 270Kw +15 kW EQ Boost and 750Nm torque when it comes to power.

Even with this massive power under the bonnet the vehicle is pretty comical for its size, and according to the manufacturer’s needs around nine litres of fuel per 100 kilometre.

The 48V mild hybrid system integrated into the engine helps to reduce CO2 emissions, while enhancing power delivery.

The car’s emission is measured at 210g/km.

The biggest question for any petrolhead after the engine and gearbox is on performance.

The car can go from 0 to 100km/h in under six seconds – 5,7 seconds to be precise – and with a top speed of 255km/h this coupé should not be handled without gloves.

The double aggressive exhaust system at the rear would make any potential street racer think twice before challenging the driver to a robot-to-robot duel.

Brandon Strauss, a sales executive at M+Z, says what stands out about this car is its looks.

“Then its technology, and don’t forget the safety aspect of Mercedes-Benz,” he says.

Another feature that stands out for Strauss is the self-parking facility.

The car can do double parking on its own without the driver even touching the steering wheel or the brakes.

And as a bonus, the vehicle won’t even scratch, bump or damage itself or other cars while doing so.

The 360-degree camera is one of the most valuable gadgets on almost all new cars, since this helps the driver manoeuvre the vehicle through traffic and often tight spaces without damaging it.

The car has been awarded five stars on safety (Euro NCAP).

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