Pension fund calls on members to claim benefits

Edwin Tjiramba

The Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) is urgently calling on members to claim benefits that may be due to them.

To date, approximately 176 members are still to claim benefits from the fund.

In a statement, the GIPF says it provides its members various benefits, such as normal retirement, early retirement, resignation (also applicable to dismissals), retrenchment, disability, ill-health retirement, death and funeral benefits.

The fund’s general manager of marketing and stakeholder engagement, Edwin Tjiramba, says these benefits are due when a member is no longer employed and exits the fund.

“Currently the GIPF holds millions in what is referred to as unclaimed benefits. Every staff member of a participating employer from all government offices, ministries and agencies, as well as participating state-owned entities and regional and village councils are entitled to receive pension benefits when they leave employment and cease to be a member of the GIPF,” he says.

Tjiramba says these benefits are guaranteed as per the rules of the fund and are paid out to members or their beneficiaries, once a benefit claim is received by the GIPF with all the relevant supporting documents.

“In terms of the GIPF rules, these benefits become ‘unclaimed’, where members or beneficiaries fail to claim them for a period of five years after the date on which they become payable. The process to claim benefits typically begins at the employer’s human resources department, where personnel files are maintained.

“Completed benefit claim forms and supporting documents should be submitted to the GIPF. It is crucial to note that benefits can only be paid once a claim is completed, approved, signed by the participating employer and submitted to the fund with all required documents,” Tjiramba says.

The fund further says it does not appoint agencies or consultants to act on its behalf and members are advised to approach the fund directly for any information related to their benefits.

Meanwhile, members are cautioned that no fees are payable for services rendered by the GIPF, unlike when using the services of a consultant.

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