Pedestrians’ Lives Matter

Disheartened by the lack of respect and consideration shown to pedestrians by some reckless drivers, I’m compelled to highlight that pedestrians’ lives matter.

The cost of driver carelessness is staggering, endangering innocent lives at zebra crossings. It’s baffling that some drivers neglect pedestrian safety, often speeding and struggling to stop in time.

Prioritise responsible driving; one reckless decision could shatter families.

Everyone, regardless of their age or gender, is affected. Education, enforcement and technological aids are crucial, but they demand a shift in mindset.

Drivers and pedestrians alike have the right to safety. Every human is a pedestrian at times, crossing at clearly labelled crossings.

Let’s take a stand, demand better and drive with caution, ensuring every journey ends safely.

Let’s avoid self-inflicted lasting torment through careless driving.

Let’s champion a shift towards caution and consideration of pedestrians worldwide.

Beverley Mutandiro

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