Parents, Get More Involved in Your Children’s Education

African-american family with little daughter talking to the teacher behind a desk.

Education is the key to success, they say, but one needs to be well trained to achieve success through education.

For a child to be academically successful, all stakeholders in education are equally important.

Teachers, parents, and pupils are the main players in education, so collaboration should exist between them for pupils to pass.

Pupil-centred education should not be misinterpreted by parents. It does not mean children are on their own.

Parents should ensure that pupils attend their classes and should always encourage them and educate them on the importance of attending school.

Parents should often check in on their children’s performance.

They should check their books to track their performance from an early stage, and not just wait for results.

This way they could see which areas require improvement, and take action before the exams by approaching teachers for help.

Doing this would make the child’s educational journey easier and more enjoyable.

Seeing their parents involved in their education would motivate pupils.

Communities have a vital role to play in the education of a child.

Communities could help stop problems affecting schools, like a high dropout rate, teenage pregnancy, and underage alcohol and drug abuse.

When children miss classes they often go to places such as bars, open public spaces, and other areas in the community.

The community could help by identifying these children and preventing them from spending time at such areas during school hours.

They could come up with community rules that would prohibit bar owners from allowing children to be at bars or from selling drugs or alcohol.

Community members should not only care about their own children, but all children.

Communities should be united and ensure all children go to school and excel in their academic pursuits to become well-educated individuals in society who contribute to the economy and the nation.

In a nutshell, let’s all join hands and uplift the Namibian child, working towards a prosperous Namibian House.

Lukas Libala

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