Over 4 600 police officers promoted

Ethano: Nampol YA YELWA … Methano ndika otamu monika Ondjayi yEtanga lyOpolisi yaNamibia, Joseph Shikongo, pethimbo ta gandja iihako noombandi kaapolisi mboka ya yelwa, mokamba yopolisi ya-Israel Patrick Iyambo Police College mOvenduka, mOmaandaha.

Namibian Police inspector general Joseph Shikongo says the police are about to reach a target of attaining gender equality in leadership positions for both genders, with 40% women in management positions.

A total of 4 682 officers have been promoted effective 1 December during the first phase of the promotion.

This includes 2 638 men and 2 044 women, which represents 44% of women who have been promoted.

“We are getting there as we have a remaining 10% to reach 50/50 as per Cabinet decision in promotion of both genders.”

Shikongo was speaking during the promotion parade and conferment of ranks at the Israel Patrick Iyambo Police College in Windhoek yesterday.

A total of 1 930 will be promoted from constable to sergeant 2; 1 445 will be promoted from sergeant 2 to sergeant 1; 600 will be promoted from sergeant 1 to warrant officer 2; while 707 were promoted from warrant officer 2 to warrant officer 1.

Shikongo further said the new structure and establishment of the Namibian Police was approved and signed by the home affairs, immigration, safety and security minister on 21 August, which resulted in the name change of some offices, as well as the upgrading, merging, establishing and relocating of various functions.

The new structure also resulted in the creation of vacant positions prompting the need to appoint fit and competent officers to head those positions.

Members of the force are promoted in recognition of their commitment and dedication to national duties.

“All promoted officers are expected to continue working hard, maintain a high level of discipline, professionalism and improve service delivery and perform your duties to the best of your ability,” Shikongo said.

“No police officer should tell a member of the public calling for help that there are no vehicles to attend to them and the police should respond timely by making use of the resources available to serve the nation, instead of giving excuses,” he said.

Commanders are encouraged to come up with crime prevention initiatives and new operational strategies to ensure that they remain relevant in the policing world, Shikongo said. Warrant officer 2 Henny Kapiya from the VIP Division, who joined the police in 1997, expressed gratitude at receiving her new rank and advised colleagues that didn’t get promoted to remain patient and continue serving with dedication.

Another officer, Ashipala Tangeni, who received sergeant 1 rank said, “I am glad that my hard work has been recognised and I’m grateful for the rank”.

The last mass promotion was conducted in December 2020. The second phase of promotion within the service is yet to be announced.

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