Omuthiya duo drops second album

Lukas Petrus and Kashea Ruben

Two Omuthiya-based musicians, Lukas Petrus, known as Dj LTS, and Kashea Ruben, known as Mr. Cool, have released their second album, titled ‘The Greatness of Great Melodies’.

The duo collaborated with various artists such as Young T, Locosounds, Cota Zone, Be Wise, Eckxido, and 2km Boys.

All tracks were recorded and mastered by Eddie On The Beat, ensuring a polished and professional sound throughout the album, while one of the highlights of the album, track 15, was produced by Pro Humble of Kayon Records, whose expertise adds depth to the music.

“The album showcases their growth as artists and their ability to craft compelling melodies that resonate with listeners,” says Eddie On The Beat.

Despite their burgeoning music careers, Dj LTS continues his studies at the José Eduardo campus, while Mr. Cool pursues his education at the International University of Management, demonstrating their dedication to both their craft and education.

The duo, filled with the potential to be local talent on a global scale, express their gratitude to their loyal fan base for their unwavering support throughout their journey.

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