NU Theatrics to set stage for ‘The Wasp’

NU Theatrics. Image: Willem Vrey

The stage will be set for a night of twists and turns as Ndilula Ulenga (NU) Theatrics presents Morgan Lloyd Malcolm’s ‘The Wasp’ at the National Theatre of Namibia this Friday.

Starring NU Theatrics’ Ndayola Ulenga and Gloria Del Mar Ndilula, ‘The Wasp’ is the debut production from the new, women-led theatre company.

While Ulenga has steadily been making a name for herself in local films such as ‘Hand-holder’, ‘Penda’s Dilemma’ and ‘The Funeral’, Ndilula’s star is rising as a singer whose original music was recently featured in Netflix’s ‘Blood & Water’.

Together, Ulenga and Del Mar are NU Theatrics as well as the stars of Malcolm’s acclaimed psychological thriller about a pair of diametrically opposed school friends who reconnect years later before one of them makes a startling proposition.

“If at any point you think you know what is going to happen next while watching, you don’t,” says Ndilula, who plays ‘Carla’, a character she describes as “a woman whose life has not turned out the way she wanted despite her many efforts”.

Carla is contrasted with Ulenga’s successful, married and high-flying ‘Heather’ who invites Carla to meet out of the blue.

Though the play was written by the British Malcolm and first performed in London in 2015, the duo is eager to present the story to local audiences.

“We felt that this was a story that was transferrable regardless of its initial settings. The play features two dynamic female characters of complexity that any audience member can relate to. We were really drawn by the depth of the play which allows you to love, hate, root for and against the characters as the story develops,” says Ndilula.

“It’s important to have art that reflects the current times, however, it’s just as important to have art that completely transports you from your own life and into the worlds of the characters,” Ndilula says.

“This play is the latter, and we wanted to offer that opportunity to Namibian audiences.”

With local theatre having slowed to a crawl since the pandemic, ‘The Wasp’ is no doubt a rare treat and this dearth in productions is one of NU Theatrics’ main reasons for existing.

“We both have vivid memories of our childhood in Windhoek where we attended a variety of theatre performances in town – ranging from musicals and dance shows to gripping dramas.

“However, in the past few years, Namibia has seen a marked decrease in the quantity of theatre productions put on,” says Ulenga.

“Our dream when creating NU Theatrics was to do for others what was done for us by preceding Namibian thespians and performing artists, which is to inspire.”

Directed by Ulenga with consultation from Ndinomholo Ndilula, the play’s dramaturge, ‘The Wasp’ is supported by the National Arts Council of Namibia, Gondwana Collection and Wendy’s Creations Events.

“This is a piece for anyone who is looking for something really juicy to sink their teeth into and then discuss over a glass of wine – because you will be wanting to discuss what you’ve seen afterwards,” says Ulenga, who cautions that, due to mature themes, audience members must be 16 years or older.

“Above this age limit, we welcome all people from all walks of life who are looking to be thoroughly entertained.”

‘The Wasp’ will be on show at the National Theatre of Namibia Backstage at 19h00 on Friday.

Tickets are available at

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