Nga-I is back with some funk

Ngaihape Mupurua

Ovitrap pioneer and hip-hop artist Ngaihape Mupurua, known to many as Nga-I, caught his fans by surprise when he recently released a snippet of his new single, ‘Kutja Movanga’.

His latest offer is a fusion of oviritje and funk music, which was inspired by American musician Bruno Mars and his love for funk music.

“The beat is produced by Dannyebtracks, a Mexican multiplatinum music producer based in the United States, while it was recorded, mixed and mastered by Reezzy – a Namibian producer. My next project is loading, that’s all I can say, but for now I’m focused on pushing this new sound and single as far as possible.”

Last year was groundbreaking for the Nga-I brand, he says, as he revolutionised music distribution with his ‘peri-peri sauce’ venture, using the sauce packaging as a way for fans and consumers to download free music simply by scanning the code on each of the hot sauce bottles.

“It felt like I was being slept on until I found out that Nga-I’s hot peri peri sauce’s business model was used as a case study for the Concordia High School business studies final exam paper! That’s when I knew we had achieved monumental success,” he says.

He says since dropping his hit song ‘Kurama’ almost five years ago, the hip-hop industry has not had anything fresh.

“Everyone to come after simply followed and used the formula my team and I had created. Some went on to achieve great things. Unfortunately, there’s been nothing new and nothing that really moves the hearts and represents the hip-hop/jazz culture.

Hip-hop is dying and once again, it’s Nga-I to the rescue.”
His new single will be the beginning of a new era of Namibian music, and most importantly, of African vernacular music, he says.

“It’s scary when trying something new, going into untested waters. Therefore, I’d like to send sincere appreciation for all the positive feedback I’ve got since dropping the snippet online.”

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