New SA exportmeasures hit Namibia

The Livestock Producers Organisation (LPO) of Namibia says South African authorities have introduced new rules for exporting livestock without consulting other stakeholders, including Namibia.

According to the latest issue of the Namibia Agricultural Union (NAU) newsletter, South Africa (SA) is a major export market for live cattle from Namibia, allowing the country no option but to comply with these requirements.

The Livestock and Livestock Products Board (formerly Meat Board of Namibia) says 51 206 live cattle out of 51 690 (99,1%) were exported and marketed on the hoof in the third quarter of 2023 to South Africa.

Other Southern African Development Community countries accounted for the remaining 484.

“This represents less than 1% of total live exports,” the board management says in a statement.

“The reason for this move by the South African authorities is to protect and preserve the genetic integrity of SA’s indigenous livestock, and guard against uncontrolled cross-breeding,” says the LPO.

The organisation wants to make it clear that animals imported with permits for feedlots and abattoirs may under no circumstances be introduced into SA’s genetic pool.”Any institution or person guilty of this must be exposed and prosecuted. As far as the practical implementation of the new rules is concerned, it is a foregone conclusion that no livestock will be allowed across the South African border if the permit is not accompanied by an additional certificate from the registrar of livestock improvement,” says the LPO.

The organisation says in addition to the normal livestock identification legislation of Namibia, it is mandatory for exporters to apply a tattoo with the Namibian ‘N’ on the left ear of exported small livestock, as well as the equivalent ‘N’ brand on exported cattle.

The NAU says ongoing negotiations are taking place between Namibia and SA’s various role players, including the LPO, to find a lasting solution to the export problem. – email:

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