New Land Cruiser, same workhorse

STILL IMPRESSIVE … Though the new Toyota Land Cruiser’s engine is smaller, it still delivers impressive performance. Photo: Francois Lottering

The new Toyota Land Cruiser 79 series has been met with mixed reaction, since this model has a much smaller engine, and some models even come with a six-speed automatic gearbox.

This is something many Land Cruiser owners never thought they would see, since the vehicle is traditionally fitted with a much bigger engine and four- or five-speed manual transmission.

However, the new Land Cruiser will be the same workhorse as the car of the previous generation, says Shaun Neethling, a sales executive at Indongo Toyota.

The 2,8l engine still delivers impressive performance, he says.

This model is designed to be a workhorse and has many uses, ranging from small industrial to tourism, military and farming activities.

This Cruiser is a fully fledged four-wheel drive (4WD) through a 4WD floor-mounted lever.

The car also comes standard with a front and rear differential lock, making it more capable of crossing almost any terrain expected of a Cruiser.

“The 2,8l still uses the Cruiser’s chassis, body, rims and tyres. It is only the motor and the gearbox which are new and revised,” Neethling says.

But why reinvent the wheel if it already works?

The answer is simple, the Cruiser has not been updated for quite a few years, so Toyota did some research and concluded that the 2,8l engine has a lot to offer.

The engine delivers a good 150kW at 3 000 to 3 400rpm.

Considering the LC79 4,5l V8 delivers 1kW at 3 400rpm does not make sense, but it s all about technology and its development, Neethling says.

The smaller engine has a maximum torque of 500Nm between 1 600 and 2 800r/min, while the V8 delivers 430Nm between 1 200 and 3 200 r/min.

This four-cylinder engine has stood its ground against the V8 over the years.

Unlike its older relatives, this vehicle is also more fuel efficient, and its average fuel consumption is 9,7l/1 00l/100km under normal driving conditions.

The Cruiser’s body and styling are very basic, since this car was designed to be a rugged workhorse.

It has a monotone colour, standard black stylish front black bumper, LED front fog lights, laminated green front windshield glass, rear and front mudguards, aluminium sidestep, halogen headlights, and black side mirrors.

The floor carpet trim is PVC for easier cleaning.

Safety and security on the car includes an alarm immobiliser, seatbelts, with a rear lap seatbelt in the double cabs, front airbags, and wireless remote door locks.

Its offroad capacity is quite impressive, and with an approach angle of 33 degrees and a departure angle of 27 degrees, this vehicle can handle almost any terrain.

The diesel fuel tank has a capacity of 130l, giving it quite a longe cruise distance.

The good news for many would-be owners is that almost all the after-market accessory centres did their homework, and accessories like aftermarket front and rear bumpers, roof racks and suspensions are already available.

Owners should buy their accessories from accredited fitment centres due to guarantees and other quality requirements.

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