NDP calls for youth unemployment grants

Martin Lukato

The National Democratic Party (NDP) has proposed that the government provides the youth with unemployment grants while they search for jobs.

NDP president Martin Lukato was speaking during an interview with The Namibian on Tuesday.

He said a monthly grant of at least N$4 000 would help to sustain unemployed youth and their families on a daily basis.

He added that the proposed unemployment grant should only be discontinued once the person secures employment with benefits including medical aid, housing allowance and pension, among others.

“Youth who are eligible for the unemployment benefit and who go on to work in low-paying jobs like security guards, housekeepers, cashiers and gas station attendants should keep receiving the benefits. The government should also build more schools across the nation to employ unemployed young teachers. As the NDP, we feel that, considering the abundance of natural resources in Namibia, no Namibian should live in poverty or starvation. Unless the government lacks the political will to deal with the social issues that our people are facing,” he said.

He vowed that the NDP would fight tirelessly for security guards, cashiers, petrol attendants and other low-paying employees to get a minimum wage.

The latest data available indicates that Namibia grapples with an overall unemployment rate of 34%, with youth unemployment amounting to a staggering 48%.

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