NCCI to host local content oil and gas conference

The Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) will, in partnership with Antila Consultancy, host a three-day Namibian Local Content Conference at Lüderitz from 16-18 April.

This was confirmed by NCCI president Bisey Uirab, who said the objective of the conference is to bolster participation of locals in the country’s budding oil and gas sector.

“We are arranging something like that with a partner at Lüderitz,” said Uirab.

“We want to look at how Namibians can participate in the new economy. What are the opportunities, what are the possibilities, what can be done? It is important for Namibians to understand what is on the horizon and also to prepare themselves accordingly,” Uirab added.

The conference will be held under the theme, ‘Empowering Namibia’s Energy Ambitions by Connection Industry and Indigenous Talent’ and will be followed shortly by the Namibia International Energy Conference 2024, scheduled to take place from 23-25 April in Windhoek.

Uirab said the conference will bring together government officials, private companies, investors and thought leaders from across the globe to unlock the full potential of Namibia’s diverse energy industry.

According to mines and energy minister Tom Alweendo, the significance of local content policies in ensuring that the benefits of natural resource development translate into tangible gains for the local economy and population cannot be under emphasised.

“Local content policies are regulations and guidelines devised by the government to ensure development in natural resource industries like the oil and gas industry benefit the local economy and population,” he said.

In a joint press release, NCCI and Antila Consultancy said they will facilitate networking, knowledge transfer and connect local businesses with established industry players.

The NCCI continues to support Namibian small and medium enterprises through its enterprise development programme by offering training, access to new technology and funding opportunities to integrate into larger supply chains.

“NCCI and Antila Consultancy aim to disseminate essential information to the local population and the nation at large and are hereby inviting their active participation in Namibia’s burgeoning oil and gas industry,” noted the statement.

The government, private sector leaders and international oil companies were further urged to join in a partnership that endorses participation in the Namibian Local Content Conference.

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