Nauyoma parts ways with Angula’s presidential campaign

Dimbulukeni Nauyoma

Activist Dimbulukeni Nauyoma, who last year left the Affirmative Repositioning (AR) movement to join independent presidential candidate Ally Angula’s campaign, has now abandoned it.

This was confirmed by Angula yesterday.

Nauyoma, alongside former Windhoek mayor Job Amupanda and George Kambala, founded the AR as a pressure group in November 2014 following widespread concerns about land delivery by the Windhoek municipality.

The movement was later registered as an association to participate in 2020 regional and local authority elections.

In September last year, Nauyoma told The Namibian he had left the AR to be Angula’s chief campaign manager.

Angula said Nauyoma’s involvement in the campaign changed in December last year.

“The campaign has adapted successfully and continues to move forward with strong momentum. Nauyoma’s last direct involvement with the campaign was early December 2023, on 11 December to be precise,” Angula said.

She said in mid-January this year, Nauyoma informed her of a prior commitment he was unaware of at the time of his initial involvement on the campaign that would require his full-time dedication.

Angula said Nauyoma had applied for an honours degree programme at the Namibia University of Science and Technology before joining the campaign and received his acceptance in January.

“I fully support Nauyoma’s educational pursuits,” she said.

Recognising the demands of a full-time honours programme, Angula said she proposed engaging Nauyoma periodically to maintain connection with the campaign’s strategic direction instead of his day-to-day campaign activities which he would be unable to honour considering his academic commitments.

Ally Angula

“We have made significant progress on our current strategy without requiring Nauyoma’s immediate input on strategic matters. However, his expertise remains valuable,” Angula said.

She said should unforeseen challenges arise related to her non-political background, she would certainly reach out to him for his perspective on reaching her target audience.

Angula said Nauyoma was recommended to her by respected figures within political circles.

His reputation for advocating for the underprivileged and his political background aligned perfectly with the campaign’s need for leadership that resonates with economically disadvantaged Namibians,” Angula said.

Nauyoma confirmed that he had left Angula’s campaign, but said he did not want to comment further.

However, Nauyoma has over the years leaned towards activities and businesses run by self-styled foreign currency dealer Michael Amushelelo. Nauyoma has also publicly worn T-shirts branded by the Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF).

In November last year, Nauyoma cut ties with Property Group Save Namibia, a property company run by Amushelelo and his friend Gregory Cloete.

Nauyoma broke away due to his political commitment to Angula’s campaign.

Both Amushelelo and Cloete are members of NEFF.

Following a fallout in the AR movement in 2022, Nauyoma’s participation in AR’s activities declined. He later claimed that he was pursuing “things that matter”.

“Activism is a lonely vocation, more in particular in a country like Namibia where some people are afraid to speak on issues. So, sometimes you find yourself isolated. It is tiring and people do not really give that support,” said political analyst Ndumba Kamwanyah.

“We do not want to create a vacuum where no one is really speaking out. It becomes a problem. The culture of silence does not change things for the better. And although Dimbulukeni, Amushelelo, Amupanda and a few others may not see tangible outcomes from their actions, but because of their speaking out we have seen some changes and movements.”

Two weeks ago, the United People’s Movement (UPM), civic organisations KG Namibia, Youth Power and the National Empowerment Fighting Corruption (NEFC) party, launched an alliance in support of Angula for the November elections.

UPM president Jan van Wyk and NEFC president Kenneth Iilonga signed the alliance agreement on behalf of the two political parties.

Angula rolled out her election campaign at Katutura’s One Nation informal settlement this week, where she also donated 110 packs of stationery to children.

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