‘Namibia’s peace is priceless’ – Mbumba

President Nangolo Mbumba has instructed members of the Namibian Defence Force (NDF) to maintain their role in safeguarding Namibia’s freedom and peace as the country approaches its upcoming elections.

He warned that there are some elements that may try and seize the moment of political campaigning to sow seeds of division by fomenting violence and civil unrest.

“Others may try to seize the cover of election campaigns to engage in nefarious and criminal activities. For that reason, together with the Namibian Police be on high alert to enforce peace, stability and order,” Mbumba said.

Mbumba was speaking on Thursday at the 10th Regular Commissioning Course graduation ceremony for 148 officer cadets held in Rundu on Thursday.

“You must swiftly and without hesitation remind those that harbour these divisive ideologies that they have no place in the Namibian House. Let us remind those that think they can disturb the Namibian people that our peace is here to stay, our peace is priceless because it was earned through ultimate sacrifices made by our heroes and heroines whose blood waters our freedom,” Mbumba said.

He reminded the officers to remember that they are the servants of the Namibian people and that they must serve the people of Namibia, regardless of political affiliation, region, religion, gender or creed.

Mbumba further urged the officers who graduated in the army, air force and navy to maintain discipline and continue to act in an exemplary manner.

“You are now an integral part of Namibia, its society and institutions, and you must play your role in making this country successful by defending its culture, its economy, its territory and most importantly its people,” the president said.

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