Namibians owe Tanzanians a huge debt of gratitude – Mbumba

UNION CELEBRATIONS … President Nangolo Mbumba departed for the United Republic of Tanzania, at the invitation of Tanzanian president Samia Saluhu Hassan, to attend the 60th anniversary commemoration of the country’s Union Day.

President Nangolo Mbumba says Namibians owe Tanzanians a huge debt of gratitude for the support and friendship they offered during the liberation struggle.

Mbumba said this during the 60th anniversary of the union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar in Tanzania on Thursday.

“The support rendered by the people and the government of Tanzania to Namibians is immeasurable and played a pivotal role in our path towards independence,” Mbumba said.

He said the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the union of Tanzania provokes Namibians’ memories and compels them to reflect on the journey the people of Tanzania have walked with Namibians.

“It is evident that the friendship between Namibia and Tanzania has stood the test of time, rooted in a shared struggle for liberation and the pursuit of unity and development for our countries and the African continent. With Tanzania, we share a common vision for a prosperous future,” the president said.

“When the liberation movement decided to pursue the fight for freedom and resistance against Apartheid colonialism, Tanzania was one of the first and foremost countries that opened its doors to Namibian freedom fighters and further facilitated training for soldiers who were to participate in the armed liberation struggle,” Mbumba said.

He said Tanzania was a hotbed of political organisation for Swapo, hosting the Consultative Congress in 1969, which was a key transit point for Namibians en route to different destinations in pursuit of education.

“Tanzania provided its best talents to train Namibians at the United Nations Institute for Namibia in Lusaka, Zambia,” the president said.
President Nangolo Mbumba departs for the United Republic of Tanzania at the invitation of H.E. Dr. Samia Saluhu Hassan, President of the United Republic of Tanzania, to attend the 60th Anniversary Commemoration of the Union Day of the United Republic of Tanzania.
Ive resubbed this headline – there should be a space before the hyphen in the headline and a small g for gratitude

Namibians owe Tanzanians a huge debt of gratitude – Mbumba

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