Namibia to launch four-day workweek trial

Jonas Ileka

NAMIBIA is set to pilot the four-day workweek, starting in April, for a period of six months.

Jonas IIeka from Pulse HR Network Namibia, who is spearheading the Namibian trial, says onboarding has started for companies interested in participating in the pilot project.

“We are starting with the actual trial in April. In terms of the companies, it will depend on the interest shown. We are not targeting any specific company. It’s going to be a call for people to trial,” he says.

Regarding the likely benefits of the four-day workweek, IIeka says studies have shown improved productivity by the workforce and profitability for companies.

“There are so many benefits for the employer and the employee. For employers, the results have shown from trials that productivity grows because people experience less burnout. Results also show that revenues increase, and generally, you have a happy workforce,” he says.

Addressing concerns over the country’s size compared to countries where the study has been conducted, Ileka says: “We are trying to see if there is going to be any correlation with ours, considering our population size and other dynamics we have here.
“But the trial has been done in diverse countries, and I don’t think as small as Namibia, but similar in size. It also depends on the participating companies and their sizes.”

The four-day workweek is based on a ‘100-80-100’ model, developed by the co-founders of 4 Day Week Global, Andrew Barnes and Charlotte Lockhart.

The model prescribes 100% of the pay for 80% of the time in exchange for a commitment to delivering 100% in output.
A four-day workweek means employees will work one day less during the week, but the same number of hours per day as before.

They would still receive their full salary and benefits.

In essence, they are being paid for output and not hours worked.

On their off days during the week, workers can take care of personal, family, and lifestyle priorities, resulting in a better quality of life, mental and physical well-being, and more energy. – The Brief

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