Namibia is doing well amid challenges – ambassador to France

Albertus Aochamub

Namibia’s ambassador to France, Albertus Aochamub, says despite Namibia experiencing various social challenges, the government is doing its best to meet the citizenry halfway.

This emerged at a recent meeting with students from various universities, who are members of the Intercollegiate Model United Nations of Paris in France.

“Everyone acknowledges that challenges remain in many sectors of society, but a concerted focus by the government on inclusive economic development and cushioning those less fortunate by way of social grants were some of the achievements highlighted by the students,” Aochamub says.

At the meeting, he spoke highly of Namibia’s green hydrogen drive, press freedom and the state of the country’s infrastructure.

Aochamub says the discussions with “these bright young people” focused on Namibia’s history and democratic landscape, the country’s green hydrogen initiative and its role in the global community.

“We shared achievements in media freedom and the country’s number-one press freedom spot in Africa, best road infrastructure on the continent, resurgent economy with growth at 7,2% in the third quarter of 2023, and positive shoots since the second quarter of 2021, among other highlights,” Aochamub posted on social media.

He said discussions also focused on next year’s elections, with the students believing the process would take place without major incidents.

“Their homework, however, is to predict a winner in the presidential race when we reconvene after the European summer of 2024,” Aochamub said.

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