Namibia denies Angolan ‘beef’

The bilateral relationship between Angola and Namibia not only remains strong, but grows from strength to strength, Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation executive director Penda Naanda says.

In a statement yesterday, Naanda said the behaviour of Namibian farmers remains a cause of concern for both countries, however, the sister republics are determined to deal with the situation through diplomatic channels.

Naanda was responding to an editorial published in The Namibian on 12 April, titled ‘Angola’s Beef with Namibia is Getting Real’.

Naanda said the editorial has the potential to fuel unnecessary tensions between the two countries.

“The ministry would like to stress that the two countries are firmly rooted in a common people, history, blood and sacrifice,” he said.

“Both countries remain willing to further deepen the mutually beneficial relations between the two countries and peoples based on the principles of good neighbourliness, peaceful co-existence and mutual respect for their sovereignty and territorial integrity,” noted Naanda.

“To suggest that the cordial relationship that exists between the two countries ‘are in danger of collapsing’ is not only devoid of any truth, thus bordering on irresponsible reporting, but could also be regarded as very dangerous and inflammatory,” Naanda added.

According to Naanda, Angola and Namibia have established mechanisms to deal with the behaviour of the few Namibian farmers in Angola and remain confident that such mechanisms will adequately deal with the situation.

“While the ministry would not comment on the political insinuations and allegations made in the editorial, it is common knowledge that editorials are the only place in a newspaper where the opinions of the paper and organisation are explicitly represented,” Naanda said.

Additionally, Naanda invited media institutions and practitioners to feel free to approach the ministry with any queries at all times, in order to avoid irresponsible reporting.

Editor’s Note: The Namibian will publish the full right of reply in tomorrow’s print edition.

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