Namib Mills gets interdict against Amushelelo, workers

A High Court judge has issued an interim interdict to stop social activist Michael Amushelelo and a group of 26 people working at Namib Mills from unlawfully blocking the entrance to the company’s premises and threatening to shut down its operations.

The interim order was issued by judge Hannelie Prinsloo in the Windhoek High Court on Tuesday.

The interdict is in effect until 3 May at this stage.

Namib Mills applied for the order after Amushelelo and a group of disgruntled workers blocked the entrance to one of the company’s premises in Windhoek three weeks ago.

Amushelelo has also been making accusations against Namib Mills on social media and has been threatening to close down the company, which he is accusing of unfair labour practices, the court was informed.

In terms of the court’s order, Amushelelo and the workers involved in the matter may not blockade the entrances to Namib Mills’ premises, may not threaten to shut down the company’s operations, and may not make threats against the company if Namib Mills does not comply with their demands.

They have also been ordered not to come within 70 metres of premises of Namib Mills.

The court further ordered the Namibian Police to take any necessary measures to give effect to the court’s order.

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