N$50 000 sport betting winners told it was an error

Seven Windhoek sport gamblers were disappointed to learn that their winnings, which amounted to N$51 200, were not paid out due to technical errors, the companies claimed.

The seven hopefuls placed their bets last Tuesday at Classic Sports Betting and Supreme Betting, and were notified that they won a combined N$51 200.

When the winners went to collect their earnings last Thursday, the betting companies claimed that there had been a “technical error” with all seven bets and there would be no payouts.

However, they were refunded the N$5 used to place their bets.

According to one of the bettors, who prefers to speak under the condition of anonymity, they were informed about the system error on Thursday when he went to the betting shop to collect the funds. “Upon my arrival there, I was informed that the status of my receipt is storno and I should check my account as the N$24 that I bet with has been reimbursed into my account and the N$9 840 I was supposed to win has been cancelled.”

Supreme Betting head of operations Silvanus Shidolo confirmed that the company has experienced this error over the last two weeks.

“Storno means that there has been an error on the system due to various reasons such as network, supplier or due to late information, tickets will be cancelled and funds will be reimbursed into the clients accounts,” Shidolo says.

He further highlights that customers are usually notified by the system in such cases.

Another regular bettor, who also prefers to speak under anonymity, says this isn’t the first time he has experienced this.

“It happened to me last year, however, I was never notified of such changes. I only found out on my phone as that is the means through which I bet.

“Yesterday, when I checked my phone, I realised that even the N$500 that was on my account was gone and later refunded after the company’s accounts were unfrozen for a few hours.”

Classic Betting founder Junias Shaahamange said this is the first time he is experiencing such cases with the system.

“It’s abnormal for the odds to go higher than 400, we have noticed that the system has dished out the wrong odds which were suspended as soon as our suppliers picked them up,” Shaahamange said.

Shaahamange said the system error was communicated to their various groups. “We have terms and conditions on our website, everyone that has accounts with us is aware of them since our establishment.

“If there is an error on the system, the service provider cannot benefit from the clients and the clients cannot benefit from the service provider and the only thing that they can do is offer them a refund,” Shaahamange said.

Another victim who was supposed to win N$8 200, who bet with Classic Betting, was informed that she cashed out N$20 which she used to bet, which caused her to be ineligible to receive the amount she won,

“Which is not the case as they are the ones that refunded the funds into my account,” she says.

“They could have paid us that already played before the system error and discontinued those that were supposed to play later rather than cancelling it,” she says. Gambling Board of Namibia chairperson Ben Shikongo says he has no knowledge of this incident but encouraged bettors to lodge complaints with them.

The Gambling Board is empowered to administer, monitor and oversee the compliance with the act, as well as ensuring that all people who are participating in gambling activities do so in accordance with the requirements of the law.

“We, therefore, advise those that are affected by the alleged incident to lodge a complaint in writing with the Gambling Board, supported by sworn statements,’’ Shikongo said.

Shikongo further said that they are not in a position to make any determinations of what may have happened, who may have been involved and what remedies are applicable until an investigation is conducted on a formal complaint lodged with the board.

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