MTC urges smartphone owners to register online ahead of deadline

Mobile Telecommunication Company (MTC) has urged its customers to utilise the online registration option for those in possession of smartphones as well as visiting mobile shops.

This comes ahead of the sim card registration deadline slated for 31 March on Sunday.

The online registration was introduced in mid-November last year to cater for people who are unable to reach mobile shops.

Despite the day nearing, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology is adamant that there will be no extension of the 31 March deadline for the registration of SIM cards.

MTC spokesperson John Ekongo told The Namibian on Tuesday that despite them introducing the online registration system, after the announcement of the deadline extension, the number of people registering has reduced.

“The portal is available for everyone to do registration. We urge our customers who have access to smart devices to register online and assist those who are unable to reach mobile shops and have no smartphones. But the assistance must be done at no cost,” Ekongo said.

Ekongo added that MTC has received reports from customers of people charging others in order to assist them with online registration.


Ekongo indicated that after the deadline, there will be a grace period of three months, however, sim cards will not be in service until owners register them and after that the owner loses the number if not registered.

“The grace period will kick in from 31 March 2024 and after that for three months. During the grace period, it means that the number is still available for utilisation, although it will not receive services. You can’t call or do anything,” he said.

According to him, if a user then decides to register their SIM card, their number will be activated again.

“But if you let the grace period elapse, then it means that you are likely to completely lose the number and any profiles or services associated with that number of yours,” Ekongo said.


Speaking to Desert Radio on Tuesday, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology spokesperson Shoki Kandjimi said the government was not satisfied with the number of people registered, although he noted that there is no indication of another extension.

Kandjimi said that as of 29 February 2024, Namibia had a total of 2 387 230 active SIM cards. Out of these, 1 687 742 have been successfully registered, representing a registration rate of 70,6%,” he said.

“We are not too happy about that as we thought the numbers would be around 90% by now,” Kanjimi said.

The deadline for SIM registration, which was slated for 31 December 2023, was extended by the government following a public outcry of long queues at registration points.

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