MP concerned over delays in filling Govt positions

Swapo parliamentarian Elder Filipe has raised concerns over positions in public institutions remaining unfilled for long periods of time.

He raised these concerns in the National Council yesterday while discussing the national 2024/25 financial budget.

“I have witnessed deliberate attempts by those trusted govern and manage public institutions to not filling vacancies in their structure.
“For example, it takes more than five years to employ, personnel like cleaners and labourers,” he said.

Filipe said an audit of public institutions such as local authorities should be conducted to determine the number of unfilled vacancies.

“Even our political leaders at local authority level do not see the challenges to address them fully,” Filipe said.

He said the agriculture sector plays an important role in food security, and said policies regarding investment in agriculture should be adjusted.

“It is my understanding that investment in the agricultural value chain would arrest most of our unemployment challenge, as many people would have residual income from that sector,” he said.

Filipe said future fiscal budgets should be directed towards wealth redistribution addressing income inequalities, specifically in rural and suburban areas.

He said budget policies should speak to current trends and that government systems and processes should be streamlined so that “the people on the ground could see and touch their resources”.

“In fact, let us remove all policy bottlenecks hindering direct access to financial resources in Namibia,” Filipe said.

He said fiscal policies must be directed towards building synergies with strategic stakeholders and the private sector.

“The state requires multifaceted strategies and cooperation with the private sector to arrest social evils such as unemployment and the lack of housing for our majority.

“It is my belief that the moment unemployment is arrested once and for all, many of our people would automatically be able to afford housing,” Filipe said.


He said all public institutions should be held accountable for poor implementation and the reckless management of public funds.

“The continued raping of our laws by political office bearers should never be condoned. Just like taking someone’s life is a criminal offence, these people who continue to rape our laws must be criminally charged as they waste public resources and finances,” he said.

Meanwhile, Landless People Movement Keetmanshoop Rural constituency councillor Willem Labuschagne said the budget allocation to the Ministry of Defence and Veterans Affairs of more than N$8 billion is out of proportion.

“The exemption of the Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs from procurement procedures and processes under the camouflage of security and secrecy of intelligence on almost all major projects as recently said in the National Assembly is not evident [sic] of a responsible government,” he said.

Labuschagne said the country is not currently involved in any war or preparing for any forthcoming war.


Another councillor, Gerhard Shiimi, said the budget allocated to the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service is insufficient and would mostly be absorbed in operations and preparations of international games, and not in addressing the development of sport.

“Namibia is at a stage where young people have a keen interest in sport across the country, and the participation in all sport codes is evidently displaying this effect.

“The ministry therefore needs an allocation to finish ongoing projects of sport fields across all regions,” Shiimi said.

He said sport creates opportunities and careers for young people and keeps them occupied.

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